Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday, December 7th

Hi everybody!

We are coming to the end of semester 1! Grade 1 students have been working so hard both independently and together. Thank you for all your help with making the models for the animal project - I'm very grateful for your support!

We are almost through our exams, with only two more to go: Reading & Phonics on Monday, followed by Math on Tuesday. And on Wednesday we will give our presentations and show off our animal models to Mr. Taylor's kindergarten class - so exciting!

Notices and Reminders:

  • As many of you know, I will be getting married this month. Because of this, my final day at school will be on Wednesday, December 12th. Ms. Fugaban will be teaching grade 1 for the remainder of the semester. If you have any questions or concerns while I'm away, you can contact Ms. Fugaban at
  • Students drew names for our Secret Santa gift exchange. The gift exchange will happen during our Christmas party on December 18th. Any questions about the Christmas party while I am away can be sent to Ms. Lopez at
  • Any remaining animals models must be submitted on Monday for grading.
  • The DISK Christmas Show will be on December 20th. This is a half day, with students going home directly after the show. The DIS Orchestra from Taipei will be attending - don't miss it!

Have a great weekend and a relaxing festive vacation. See you in the new year!